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AFULE State Office is now located at 41 Peel Street, South Brisbane.

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No. 4 Division

No. 4 Division Area - Emerald, Longreach, Mackay, Maryborough, Rockhampton

No. 4 Divisional Councillor – John Pedersen

John Pedersen has been an active union member throughout all of his railway career, holding positions on the local committee & has been the Secretary of the Maryborough Branch since 2002 and has also held the position of No. 4 Proxy Councillor since that time.  This year John was elected as the No.4 Divisional Councillor for the new Division 4 which now covers Emerald, Longreach, Mackay, Rockhampton & Maryborough.

John is an advocate for the rights of members and their fair treatment by management.  Particularly for Freight Traincrew.

John has a family history with QR as both his father and Grandfather were long time employees.

John joined QR as an Engine Cleaner in 1984.  In his first few weeks of employment, QR ran the first trial TDO crewed train ,hence ensuring him of a long term career as a Cleaner.  

After passing the Firemen’s exam John spent time in Gayndah and Monto.  He gained classification as a Fireman to Mayne in 1989.

Whilst at Mayne John completed his Drivers exam in 1991.

He returned home to Maryborough in 1994.

Through the natural progression of Locomotive Assistant to Driver he was Classed as a Driver to Maryborough in 1994.

In 1999 John became a Tutor Driver.

You can contact John Pedersen on 0407 812 062.

No. 4 Proxy Divisional Councillor – Shayne Ware

Emerald Representative:
Secretary – Carlo Llyod
Chair - Nathan Bell

Longreach Representative:
Secretary – Vacant

Mackay Representative:
Secretary – Vacant

Maryborough Representatives:
Secretary – John Pedersen
Chair - Paul Newman
Committee - Garner Simpson

Rockhampton Representative:
Secretary – Garry Shaw
Chair - Shayne Ware
Vice Chair - Wayne Strohfeldt




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