Australian Federated Union of Locomotive Employees
“Traincrew Representing Traincrew”

Australian Federated Union of Locomotive Employees
Traincrew Representing Traincrew

 As the  State Secretary I would like to welcome members and visitors to the AFULE website.

 The AFULE was formed by twenty locomotive drivers who banded together to form the Locomotive Engine Drivers Association of Victoria in 1861 because they saw a need for a dedicated Traincrew Union to represent their industrial interests. Although there have been some name changes over the years, the philosophy of the Union hasn’t changed. It is as pertinent now as it was back in 1861 that Traincrew need a union that unapologetically advocates solely for Traincrew.

I encourage members visiting the website to become more active in their sub-branches because you are the future of the union. To prospective members visiting the website I encourage you to fill out the online application form and become a part of the AFULE. Being a member not only gives you representation by local and State delegates, it also provides numerous benefits and legal advice only available to members.

Yours Fraternally,

Michael McKitrick

State Secretary

The Australian Federated Union of Locomotive Employees is a Queensland-based craft union that represents employees in the train running grade. The A.F.U.L.E. is the world’s oldest continuous railway union, having represented Traincrew in Australia for more than 145 years.

The A.F.U.L.E. is one of the few remaining stand-alone craft unions in Australia. Craft unions have membership that is based on a particular skill or trade. By contrast, an industry union is one that covers all workers employed in a particular industry or industries. Craft unions are traditionally protective of their skill or craft, and restrict membership to workers engaged in that craft.

The A.F.U.L.E.’s traditional membership is persons eligible to be employed in the train running industry -– Locomotive Drivers, Drivers’ Assistants, Firemen, Locomotive Cleaners and Guards – and workers engaged in and about the working or management of motive power used on a Railway. In recent times, this has expanded to include new and emerging roles within the train running grade including Tutor Drivers, Train Management Improvement Officers, Drivers-in-Charge, Driver Coordinators, Operations Coordinators, Driver Trainers and Technical Trainers.

Our primary industrial aims are to improve and protect wages and conditions in the train running grade and to ensure safe and healthy workplaces for all Traincrew.

Our strength is the collective will exercised by the working men and women in our grade who have chosen to band together to improve their working conditions. The men and women of the A.F.U.L.E. believe that dignity at work, health, safety, fair pay and conditions and the protection and furtherance of these is worth fighting for.

The A.F.U.L.E. exists to provide these working men and women with the skills and resources to achieve these industrial aims. We provide training, advice, legal representation and information to assist our members and delegates to further these aims.

A Voice in Decision Making

AFULE members make the decisions. That’s why regular meetings are held where members decide union policy and provide direction to delegates. Meetings are a place for members to hear about current events, raise problems or concerns and vote on key issues.All branches have strong local committees that allow rank and file members to be involved in:

  • Local Depot Policies
  • Developing Rosters 
  • Cab Layout
  • Health & Safety

    Training and support is available to ALL members should they wish to get active and involved.

 Specialist Advice Across the Field

The union has specialist staff who can assist you with all aspects of workers’ compensation if you are injured while at work. This includes assistance with completing forms and representation at Medical Assessment Tribunal Hearings. The union also has a legal adviser that can provide a range of free legal advice to AFULE members. Slater and Gordon are accredited specialist personal injuries lawyers. SG provide a free consultation to AFULE members on workers’ compensation and personal injury matters. SG also provide AFULE members with a free initial consultation for a range or other legal matters, including Will documentations.


Union Shopper Discounts

All members receive membership of the Union Shopper. This entitles members to discounts on a wide range of products and services, to visit the website click here


Regular Updates

Keeping members up to date is a key priority of the AFULE members are provided with circulars to keep them up to date with relevant news and information. These are also posted to our website under the news and media banner.


Mortality Benefit

The AFULE provides a mortality benefit of $5,000 to your nominated next of kin if you pass away while a financial member. There is also a mortality benefit of $2,000 if your spouse passes away.


Part of the Union Community

The AFULE encourages all members to get involved with the wider union community. As a union we participate in labour day marches, union councils, training programs and social events.


Talk to your local AFULE Representative or call your state office for advice on your health and safety at work.

If you have a concern about your safety or the safety of others including the public you can call your local representative or your AFULE state office and talk to one of us about it and we will advise you on the best course of action, whether that be steps you take or steps we take on behalf of the union as a whole.
You should make sure you follow the internal processes for hazard/incident reporting and make sure you keep a record of having done so. Keep diary notes of any incidents or behaviours that are inappropriate.

Call your local Depot Representatives, or Divisional Councilor 

Call your State Office – 07 3844 9163. 

Has there been a safety incident or is there a safety issue that affects you or another member/s of traincrew in the workplace?

If you have made an internal complaint and nothing has been done about it by your employer then you can make a further complaint to workplace health and safety. This should also be done if there is a serious incident resulting in a notifiable illness or injury. Visit the Workplace Health and Safety website for more information on what a notifiable incident is.

Click here to make a complaint or report an incident.

Do you have a safety issue you’d like to report that might endanger the safety of the public or rail operations?

You can contact the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) and access the REPCON reporting scheme via their website.

The ATSB is an independent government agency and conducts no blame investigations into safety issues with the aim of improving the safety of transport operations. Its REPCON reporting system is anonymous and the ATSB website contains information and examples about reportable and non-reportable issues. These include incidents, circumstances or any procedure, practice or condition that a reasonable person would consider endangers, or, if not corrected, would endanger, the safety of railway operations.

Click here to complete a confidential REPCON report.

Download a copy (pdf) of the A.F.U.L.E. - Federal entity Rules as of July 2022,  click here.

Download a copy (pdf) of the Electrical Trade Union of Employees - Section C referes to the A.F.U.L.E. Division. State Union entity Rules amended as of 30 March 2020, click here.