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Australian Federated Union of Locomotive Employees

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See your workplace conditions and entitlements

Freight & Coal...

Freight & Coal...

See your workplace conditions and entitlements



See your workplace conditions and entitlements

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AFULE State Office is now located at 41 Peel Street, South Brisbane.

Our phone number is 07 3844 9163

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A.F.U.L.E. – Protecting Queensland Traincrew

Welcome to the Australian Federated Union of Locomotive Employees – the oldest railway union in the world.

The A.F.U.L.E. is a craft union that represents Traincrew in Queensland.

As the State Secretary of the Union along with the State President, we lead a team of dedicated Traincrew who volunteer their time to work together to further protect the wages and conditions of Traincrew across the State, under the motto “Traincrew Representing Traincrew”.

Throughout these pages you will find information about our Union, structures and activities. You will also find the latest news about what is happening in our workplaces.

I trust that you will find this site interesting and informative.



February Circulars

15-02-2019 Aurizon Coal South Proposed Industrial Action

13-02-2019 Aurizon Coal Soften Stance to Bargaining

13-02-2019 Aurizon Bulk Bargaining Update

12-02-2019 Aurizon Coal Wide 7 Day Overtime Ban Q&A

12-02-2019 Kippa Ring Interim Guard Rep on Roster Committee

11-02-2019 Aurizon Pring Protected Industrial Action Q&A 

08-02-2019 Aurizon SEQ Protected Industrial Action Q&A

08-02-2019 Combined Union Meeting Toowomba

08-02-2019 Combined Union Meeting Townsville

04-02-2019 Pring Protected Action Now Taking Place on 12 February

04-02-2019 Aurizon Coppabella & Jilalan Protected Industrial Action Q&A

04-02-2019 Aurzion SEQ Protect Industrial Action Notification

03-02-2019 Aurizon Pring Protected Industrial Action Placed on Hold

01-02-2019 Aurizon Coal Myths 


January 2019 Circulars

30-01-2019 Current Coverage of Protected Industrial Action 

30-01-2019 Combined Meeting AFULE & RTBU Coal South

30-01-2019 Combined Meeting AFULE & RTBU Coal North

29-01-2019 Aurizon Protected Industrial Action Notification - Coal North & Coal South

26-01-2019 Combined Union Circular - Reply to Aurizon

25-01-2019 Reminder Aurizon Coal Overtime Ban

22-01-2019 Combined Rail Union Circular - Aurizon Bargaining Update

21-01-2019 You Do NOT Have to Change Your Over Time Preferences to Take Part in Industrial Action

21-01-2019 Heads of Agreement - QR Meals


18-01-2019 AER - North West Protected Industrial Action Q&A

17-01-2019 Aurizon Proposing to Leave Striking Worders on the Side of the Road for an Indefinite Period During Strike

16-01-2019 Notice Given to Continue Protection Industrial Action Aurizon - Coal North, Coal South and Coal SEQ

11-01-2019 North West Line - Protected Action Notification 

11-01-2019 Citytrain Meeting 20th January 2019

07-01-2019 Aurizon Coal Industrial Action Update 

December 2018 Circulars

20-12-2018 Aurizon Willing to Pay a Pittance for your RIGHTS

19-12-2018 BMA Agreement Update Reminder

19-12-2018 Aurizon Coal North Protect Action Q&A

19-12-2018 CityTrain Cairns Sub Branch - Call for Nominees

14-12-2018 BMA Agreement Update

14-12-2018 North PIA Cancellation

14-12-2018 Aurizon Out of Touch

12-12-2018 Coal SEQ Aurizon Protect Industrial Q&A

12-12-2018 Coal South Aurizon Protect Industrial Q&A

12-12-2018 Coal North Aurizon Protect Industrial Q&A

12-12-2018 Aurizon Offer 30 Pieces of Silver to Give up your Right to Strike

11-12-2018 AFULE Reply to Aurizon Coal Bargaining

11-12-2018 Mayne Workplace Health & Safety Committee Election 

 7-12-2018 Protected Industrial Action Notification - Coal SEQ

 7-12-2018 Protected Industrial Action Notification - Coal North

 7-12-2018 Protected Industrial Action Notification - Coal South

 7-12-2018 Joint Union Circular - Aurizon Campaign

 6-12-2018 Stanwell Sub Branch Meeting








November 2018 Circulars

26-11-2018 Aurizon Protected Industrial Action Ballot Outcome

26-11-2018 Aurizon Coal Bargaining Update

22-11-2018 Aurizon Superannuation - Update

21-11-2018 Update - Aurizon Superannuation Changes

19-11-2018 Aurizon - Protected Action Ballot 

16-11-2018 Aurizon Tooowoomba Management 

15-11-2018 Aurizon Superannuation Changes

13-11-2018 Notice to All Members - Election Exemption for State Union 

9-11-2018  2019 AFULE Diaries and Coasters

9-11-2018 AFULE State Secretary Election Outcome

5-11-2018 Aurizon Bargaining Update

Master Roster Exception Form

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Federal Court lack of consultation Case  -  All QR Traincrew  - Queensland Rail fined $660, 000.00 for failing to consult employees about sale 

QCU Newsletter - Penalty Decision

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QCU Newsletter 15 June 2010

Please click here for QCU Newsletter 15 June 2010

Rail Unions win High Court case against Queensland Rail

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Protected Action Ballot Update 1

Please click here to view the latest - Protected Action Ballot Update 1

Application for a Protected Action Ballot

Please click here to view AFULE make application for a Protected Action Ballot

Final Submission in the Fair Work Commission

Please click here to view Final Submissions in the Fair Work Commission.

Citytrain 09-13 Passenger Traincrew Agreement Update

 The AFULE met with QRail on 23 April 2013 Passenger Traincrew Agreement Update

Citytrain 08-13 Passenger Traincrew Agreement

  The AFULE met with QRail to discuss the upcoming Passenger Traincrew Agreement negotiations

Union Shopper March 2013

For all the latest AFULE member offers see Union Shopper Newsletter 

Traincrew Transfer Guidelines

Traincrew Transfer Guidelines QRN & QR

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